The What Should We Play? Tool

What Should We Play?       What does this helper do?
   • Recommends games from your BGG collection for you to play
   • Recommendations are based on player count, game weight, user ratings, and BGG ratings
   • Filters recommendations based on the selected game weights
   • Searches all the BGG collection(s) of the BGG User(s) provided
   • Thread about this tool @ BGG
      — § —
      For this helper to work for you, you will need:
   • An account at BoardGameGeek
   • The games that you own added to your BGG Collection
   • To do this, go to a game's BGG page and click "Add to Collection" and check "Own"
   • The more games you've rated (even ones you don't own), the more accurate the recommendations
   • To do this, go to a game's BGG page and set "My rating" (1-10 stars)

BGG Search the collections of these BGG Users:
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* Note about larger collections *BGG User collections containing 500+ items take a few minutes to be compiled and returned by the BGG API. If you get a time-out error, please wait a minute or two and try again. That should solve the problem; unfortunately, I have no control over this. If you repeatedly receive an error, it's possible the BGG API is down; again, I have no control over this.
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Light (1)
Medium Light (2)
Medium (3)
Medium Heavy (4)
Heavy (5)

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