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Unforunately, the Wiki Table syntax does not work in a BGG Forum post. This helper allows you to convert CSV data into a BGG Forum table using the format outlined in this post.

Simply format your data into CSV format using Excel or some other method, paste it into the textbox below, check the relevant options, and click the Generate button. The resulting Wiki syntax can be simply cut-and-pasted directly into the BGG forum box. The pre-populated example generates a table of a couple of games and their dice inventories.
  • The first row is assumed to be the column headers.
  • Encapsulate a value in quotation marks to indicate that the text is a single value; this is required if the value itself has a comma in it. For example, Red, Green, Blue needs to be "Red, Green, Blue" to indicate it is a single value. Otherwise, the generator will attempt to put them in seperate columns.
  • Use double-quotation marks (two of them) within a value to render a normal quotation mark. For example, the CSV value "Red, ""Green"", Blue" will be rendered by the BGG Forum to show Red, "Green", Blue.
  • If you want a column to be center justifed, add the column number to the text box below. The first column is column number 1.
  • Cell values can contain BGG Forum markup such as [b]my text[/b] for bold text and [gameid=1234] for auto-linking.
  • NOTE: HTML markup is NOT allowed and will cause errors.
Table Generator Example Output

Headers are: Bold Italic Underlined
Center Justify these columns (CSV of column numbers):


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