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Puerto Rico

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Building Reference (?This is a catelogue of all of the building tiles. It includes buildings for the base game and all expansions.)
Building Draft Form
Setup Reference Guide

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Puerto Rico
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      What does this helper do?
   • Randomizes player order; including starting player
   • Lists starting items for each player
   • Provides counts for VPs, Colonists, etc... based on player count
   • Provides Cargo Ship, Role, Plantation and other setup
   • Randomly selects buildings to be in play
   • Optional house-rule modifications
   • Supports Buildings, Nobles, Festival, Buccaneer expansions
      — § —
1. Select the number of players 2 Players 3 Players 4 Players 5 Players
2. Give each player a single barrel
(used to determine turn order & starting player)
3. Select the expansions to include Base
     Original Rules
     Deluxe Edition Rules
     2020 Edition Rules
Expansion 1 (New Buildings)
Expansion 2 (The Nobles)
Festival Expansion (?The Festival Expansion original rules state there are not to be duplicate goods as part of the Production Objective setup. However, the PR 2020 Edition changed that, allowing duplicate goods.)
     No Duplicates
     Allow Duplicates
Buccaneer Expansion
4. Select applicable rule modifers Players starting with a Corn plantations start
with 1 doubloon less than those with Indigo
(read why here and here).
The prices of the Factory and University are
switched (read why here and here).
Draft the Expansion 2 buildings the same as
Expansion 1 builings. Otherwise, per the rules, they are in
addition to drafted or Base buildings.
5. Click Generate

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Last 25 Games Generated

Game Created on
Puerto Rico 7/7/2024 2:31 PM EST
Puerto Rico 7/5/2024 7:50 PM EST
Puerto Rico 7/3/2024 3:51 AM EST
Puerto Rico 6/23/2024 9:27 PM EST
Puerto Rico 6/22/2024 8:21 AM EST
Puerto Rico 6/17/2024 6:06 PM EST
Puerto Rico 6/17/2024 6:04 PM EST
Puerto Rico 6/9/2024 9:53 AM EST
Puerto Rico 6/9/2024 9:49 AM EST
Puerto Rico 6/9/2024 9:49 AM EST
Puerto Rico 6/9/2024 9:48 AM EST
Puerto Rico 6/9/2024 9:20 AM EST
Puerto Rico 6/9/2024 9:17 AM EST
Puerto Rico 5/31/2024 10:37 PM EST
Puerto Rico 5/31/2024 10:36 PM EST
Puerto Rico 5/31/2024 10:36 PM EST
Puerto Rico 5/31/2024 10:35 PM EST
Puerto Rico 5/31/2024 10:33 PM EST
Puerto Rico 5/28/2024 9:10 AM EST
Puerto Rico 5/26/2024 2:12 PM EST
Puerto Rico 5/22/2024 3:50 PM EST
Puerto Rico 5/22/2024 11:41 AM EST
Puerto Rico 5/18/2024 3:15 PM EST
Puerto Rico 5/18/2024 3:14 PM EST
Puerto Rico 5/18/2024 12:39 PM EST

Games Generated

TOTAL   1,062

Player Counts

2 Players   19.4%
3 Players   20.4%
4 Players   49.4%
5 Players   10.8%

Expansions Used

Use Buccaneer   1.2%
Use Expansion 1   71.5%
Use Expansion 2   44.4%

Corn Player -1 Doubloon

No   21.9%
Yes   78.1%

Swap Factory/University

No   28.4%
Yes   71.6%

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