The What Should We Play? Tool

What Should We Play?       What does this helper do?
   • Recommends games from your BGG collection for you to play
   • Recommendations are based on player count, game weight, user ratings, and BGG ratings
   • Filters recommendations based on the selected game weights
   • Searches all the BGG collection(s) of the BGG User(s) provided
   • Thread about this tool @ BGG
      — § —
      For this helper to work for you, you will need:
   • An account at
   • The games that you own added to your BGG Collection
   • To do this, go to a game's BGG page and click "Add to Collection" and check "Own"
   • The more games you've rated (even ones you don't own), the more accurate the recommendations
   • To do this, go to a game's BGG page and set "My rating" (1-10 stars)

BGG Search the collections of these BGG Users:
(comma separated)

* Note about larger collections *BGG User collections containing 500+ items take a few minutes to be compiled and returned by the BGG API. If you get a time-out error, please wait a minute or two and try again. That should solve the problem; unfortunately, I have no control over this. If you repeatedly receive an error, it's possible the BGG API is down; again, I have no control over this. Force refresh from BGG (?Using cached data will result in much faster load times. But if you have recent updates to your profile on BGG, this will force this helper to repull it for the latest view.)

Number of Players:
Select the weights you'd like:
Light (1)
Medium Light (2)
Medium (3)
Medium Heavy (4)
Heavy (5)

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